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Dove vs Pantene – Which Is Better For Your Hair?

Dove vs Pantene – Which Is Better For Your Hair?

Dove and Pantene both excel at hair care, which can leave you stuck deciding between the two. After all, both brands offer a full line of conditioners, styling products, and shampoos. 

If you’ve ever found yourself comparing Dove vs. Pantene, you’re in the right place. Below, we look at two of their top products, moisturizing, and dry shampoo. 

So read on, fellow beauty lover, and discover which brand is right for you.

Dove vs. Pantene: Moisturizing Shampoo 

Styling treatments, color, and highlights dry out even the healthiest hair. So, it’s no surprise that moisturizing shampoo is a popular product. Both Pantene and Dove promise nourishing shampoo that helps to correct everyday styling damage. But we want to know which brand is best. 

Below we compare the top two moisturizing shampoos for Dove and Pantene: Dove’s Nutritive Solutions Moisturizing Shampoo vs. Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo. Read on to see which brand moisturizes best. 

Dove Nutritive Solutions Moisturizing Shampoo 

Dove’s Nutritive Solutions line promises silky, smooth, and resilient hair with time. The products are progressive, meaning you may not see results right away. It can take a couple of weeks to see improvement.  

However, in tandem with Dove’s Nutritive Solutions Moisturizing Conditioner, there’s no doubt you’ll see results eventually. Dove uses their famous pro-moisture complex to deliver hair that’s up to 10x stronger when compared to non-conditioning shampoos. 

In our experience, their formula works. Plus, we love Dove as a brand. They’re pioneers in the body positivity movement, and all their products are cruelty-free. They also use recycled plastic for all of their packaging. 

However, this is a new formula; it differs from their old moisturizing shampoo. Some users report that while Dove’s old formula was friendly to sensitive skin, their latest formula may not be. If you have a super sensitive scalp, try this shampoo with a bit of caution. In some users, it causes redness and irritation. 


  • Effective for building resilient, more manageable hair 
  • All products are cruelty-free and body positive
  • Recycled plastic packaging 


  • May take a few weeks to see results 
  • New formula may cause reactions in some users

Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo 

If you have dry, thick, and damaged hair, Pantene Pro-V’s Daily Moisture Renewal line is ideal. This is a dense and creamy shampoo that works in tandem with Pantene’s Moisture Renewal Conditioner to give you the sleek locks you crave right away. 

It’s an exceptionally thick formula that works very well with dry hair, but it doesn’t work for oily scalps. If your hair is prone to oil build-up, Pantene’s moisture renewal line is too much. 

For those with damaged hair, though, this shampoo can work wonders. It visibly softens and repairs after just one use. 

Pantene as a brand is also pledging to reduce their plastic waste by 2030, which isn’t as great as Dove’s practices, but it is something! Unfortunately, though the brand claims to be cruelty-free, PETA disagrees. Their parent brand, Procter & Gamble, tests on animals, which may lead you away from Pantene. 


  • Works right away
  • Exceptionally moisturizing thanks to a super-dense formula
  • Pantene is working to reduce its plastic waste


  • Will not work for oily scalps
  • Parent brand is not cruelty-free 

Final Thoughts: Moisturizing Shampoo 

When it comes to moisturizing shampoo, there’s no clear winner between Dove and Pantene. Both brands offer affordable formulas that really work. 

If you have thick, dry and damaged hair and hope to see results right away, Pantene is the best choice. For those with even the slightest amount of oil build-up, stick to Dove’s Nutritive Solutions line.

Dove vs. Pantene: Dry Shampoo 

Busy people need dry shampoo; it’s just a fact! There’s not always time to wash and freshly style your hair before work or an event. Pantene and Dove both make refreshing dry shampoos. Both brands are affordable, and they both smell good, too. 

Still, we wanted to know which one is best. So, below we compare Pantene’s Never Tell Dry Shampoo to Dove’s Refresh + Care version. 

Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo

Dove’s Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo absorbs excess oil while building volume. It works instantly and is especially useful if your hair is fine or tends to fall flat. If your hair is thick, Dove’s formula may be too much and could make your hair feel coarse. 

Dove offers several variants of their Refresh +Care Dry Shampoo line, including Volume & Fullness, Detox & Purify, Fresh & Floral, Fresh Coconut, and Unscented. 

We love that they offer an unscented option, as many brands don’t, especially for dry shampoo. Sometimes you don’t want to smell like an air freshener when you walk into a room! You just want to refresh your style! 

Unfortunately, given the size of the bottle, this dry shampoo doesn’t last very long. Even when you use it sparingly, as Dove directs, it will likely be gone in a matter of weeks. Luckily, it’s affordable, so stocking up isn’t an issue. 


  • Great for fine, oil-prone hair 
  • Unscented version available
  • Multiple variants for different needs


  • Bottle runs out quickly
  • Not ideal for thick hair 

Pantene Pro V Never Tell Dry Shampoo 

Pantene’s Never Tell Dry Shampoo is sulfate-free and paraben-free. It works well with thick hair as well as thin, thanks to a versatile formula. Pantene uses vitamin B-5 and wild mint in their dry shampoo, which works to create fresh-feeling hair. 

Their residue-free formula won’t leave any white flakes behind. However, Pantene doesn’t offer a full line of dry shampoos the way Dove does. They don’t have an unscented version, which is unfortunate as some find the wild mint and citrus scent to be overpowering. 


  • Works with thick or thin hair
  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Residue-free


  • No unscented option
  • No variants for different hair types or styles 

Final Thoughts: Dry Shampoo 

If you have thin, oil-prone hair, Dove is the best option for dry shampoo. It’s also ideal if you want an unscented option. 

Pantene is best for those with thicker hair, but it works with thin hair too. It’s also better if you want something sulfate and paraben-free, as many stylists recommend.

Final Thoughts: Tresemme vs Pantene

Concluding our reviews, Dove is best for oil-prone hair and Pantene is great for any hair type. They both provide great results, so you can’t go wrong with either of these big trusted brands! 

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