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Garnier Fructis vs. L’Oreal – Which Brand is Better?

Garnier Fructis vs. L’Oreal – Which Brand is Better?

If you’ve ever found yourself in the drugstore beauty aisle trying to compare Garnier Fructis vs. L’Oreal Paris, you’re not alone. These two affordable brands have a lot of product overlap. 

They both offer a full range of hair, skin, and beauty treatments. Deciding between them for your hair and skincare needs can be a challenge. 

Today, we’re looking at two of the products these brands are best known for, deep conditioners and micellar cleansing water. We’ll compare their top products and tell you which one’s best, hopefully saving you some time on your next beauty purchase.

Garnier vs. L’Oreal Deep Conditioners 

Garnier and L’Oreal Paris both specialize in moisturizing hair treatments, and both offer exceptional deep conditioners at an affordable price. Here we’ll compare the most popular hair masks for each brand. 

For Garnier, we’ll look at the Garnier Fructis Nourishing Treat 1 Minute Mask. For L’Oreal Paris, we’ll consider the Elvive Total Repair Damage-Erasing Balm. 

Garnier Fructis Nourishing Treat 1 Minute Mask

The Garnier Fructis Nourishing Treat 1 Minute Mask uses 98% naturally derived ingredients to treat frizz and nourish hair. You can use it as a quick mask, a deep conditioner, or as a leave-in treatment. 

However, it works better the longer you leave it in. If you can afford to wear it overnight or for at least an hour or two, you’ll see far better results than you will if you stick to Garnier’s one-minute suggestion.  

At the one-minute mark, there’s not much change to hair. The product will reduce frizz, but not much more. If you leave it in longer, you’ll see more shine, better manageability, and overall, softer results.


  • Mostly naturally-derived and biodegradable formula
  • No silicones or parabens
  • Versatile usage (use it as a mask, conditioner, or leave-in) 
  • Fights frizz and nourishes hair


  • Smooths but doesn’t totally repair damaged hair
  • Takes more than “1-minute” for best effects 

Elvive Total Repair Damage-Erasing Balm

The Elvive Repair Damage-Erasing Balm by L’Oreal Paris repairs five signs of damage: split ends, weakness, roughness, dullness, and dehydration. It’s a rinse-out, deep conditioner that can supposedly erase a year’s worth of damage in a matter of minutes. 

And, it does seem to work. If you have thick but damaged hair, this repair balm is fantastic. It will quench your thirsty locks and repair damage at the same time, thanks to its protein-infused formula. For thinner manes, it can feel heavy, even though you rinse it out. You wouldn’t want to wear it as a leave-in treatment; the formula is too dense. 


  • Treats five signs of damage
  • Beautiful scent that’s floral but not overpowering
  • Works well with thick or curly hair 


  • Only suitable as a rinse-out deep conditioner
  • May be too heavy for thin hair 

Final Thoughts on Deep Conditioners 

It’s hard to name a winner between the Garnier Fructis Nourishing Treat 1-Minute Mask and the Elvive Total Repair Balm. Both are great options for creating shiny, smooth locks, and both are available at an affordable price. 

The Garnier Fructis Nourishing Mask is ideal for those with minor damage or thinner hair. It smooths and promotes shine, but it doesn’t treat intensive damage as well. It also doubles as a leave-in treatment, making it more versatile. 

The Elvive Total Repair Balm is best for those with thick or curly hair. It fixes intense damage and provides exceptional moisture, but it may be too heavy for thinner styles.

Garnier vs. L’Oreal Micellar Cleansing Water 

Garnier and L’Oreal both feature micellar cleansing water, which removes makeup while cleansing skin. Small molecules suspended in the water, called micelles, help wipe away dirt, makeup, and other impurities from the skin; no scrubbing needed. 

A product like this truly puts the brands side-by-side. There’s little difference in formula for micellar waters, so the variances come almost entirely from brand marketing. Let’s look at what each company is offering. 

Garnier Fructis Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Fructis offers their micellar cleansing water in five formulas: regular, waterproof, mattifying, hydrating with rose, and brightening with Vitamin C. All of them come in a 13.5 oz bottle at an affordable price point. 

All of them remove makeup readily without leaving residue on your skin. There’s no rinsing or rubbing required with a product like this unless you’re dealing with waterproof mascara. When put to the test, it takes a little effort to remove waterproof makeup with this micellar water, though Garnier Fructis would have you believe differently. 

That said, Garnier Fructis has won 29 beauty awards for this product. It’s also the number one selling micellar water in the United States. 


  • Available in five formulas for different skin types
  • Winner of 29 awards
  • Certified cruelty-free


  • Formulas separate easily, must shake vigorously before each use
  • Not as easy to use with waterproof makeup 

L’Oreal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water

L’Oreal Paris has three formulas of Micellar Cleansing Water: Waterproof for all skin types, Normal/Dry skin types, and Normal/Oily skin types. Each one comes in a 13.5 oz bottle, just like the Garnier Fructis versions. 

Though it’s still affordable, L’Oreal sells their Micellar Cleansing Water at a premium compared to Garnier Fructis, which is strange because the product formulations are nearly identical. There are slight differences, though, which become apparent when you run the waterproof mascara test. L’Oreal’s micellar water removes waterproof mascara more easily than Garnier. 

L’Oreal Paris also seems to be making a concentrated effort to curb carbon emissions with their packaging. They’re “Compact By Design,” certified by Amazon, which means they designed this product to use fewer plastics. 


  • Removes waterproof mascara easily 
  • Less packaging


  • Expensive compared to Garnier Fructis
  • Only three formulas for different skin types 

Final Thoughts on Micellar Water 

In this area, Garnier Fructis wins for affordability. They also feature formulas to suit each skin type, which is ideal. However, L’Oreal may be better if you wear waterproof mascara often, even though it costs a little more.

Final Thoughts: Garnier vs. L’Oreal

Both brands are generally affordable, but Garnier tends to be a bit more so than L’Oreal. However, L’Oreal makes up for the small price difference in overall quality.

Depending on what you’re looking for, what type of hair or skin you have, and what your budget is, you’ll either want one or the other!

Garnier is great for those who want to save a little money or who value cruelty-free products. L’Oreal is perfect for those who want something with a little more oomph or who have thicker hair.

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