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Living Proof vs Pureology – Shampoos and Sprays Compared

Living Proof vs Pureology – Shampoos and Sprays Compared

Living Proof and Pureology are two well-known luxury brands of premium hair care products. Both of these brands market a line of shampoos and leave-in sprays. Let’s take a look at each brand’s dry shampoo, regular shampoo, and leave-in treatment. 

What are the Products?

Living Proof

First, let’s look at Living Proof’s line of products. The Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo comes in travel, full, and jumbo sizes. You simply shake the can, spray the shampoo on your hair while it’s dry, and sweep it through your hair with your fingers. After 30 seconds, you can remove any leftover powder from your hair for a clean and fresh look.

The full shampoo comes in travel and regular size. It provides gentle cleansing action in the shower or tub. The shampoo does not contain any parabens or silicone for those who experience skin and scalp irritation. 

Living Proof’s Dry Volume Blast styling spray is used on dry hair to increase its volume. You can use it after blow-drying or anytime your hair needs a little lift. The spray comes in travel and full size. 


Now, let’s look at Pureology’s lineup. The Refresh and Go dry shampoo won’t dry out your hair and comes in two different sizes. There is the travel and the full 6-ounce size. The shampoo contains a patented formula for color-treated hair. 

Pureology’s Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner Duo help restore shine to your hair without weighing it down with too much moisture. This version of Pureology’s shampoo also contains its patented formula for hair that’s colored. The duo comes in two different sizes – a 9-ounce and a 33.8-ounce bottle.  

Finally, the Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave-In Spray provides additional protection throughout the day. It works as a detangler and can protect your hair from heat damage. This damage can occur from being outside in the sun or from styling products like blow dryers and curling irons. The spray comes in travel and a regular size.

How Do You Use the Products?

Although we’ve already touched a little bit on this, let’s review how each of these products is used. The dry shampoos are best when you want to get dirt and grime out of your hair but you don’t need to take a full shower. Dry shampoos are also great for removing odors like cigarette smoke or that “not so fresh” smell. 

Regular shampoo (and conditioner) clean your hair while you’re taking a shower or bath. Many people shampoo their hair daily. However, as you get older and find your hair does not retain as much oil, you might only need to shampoo every other day. 

A side effect of shampoo is that it can strip the hair of its moisture. The conditioner helps put it back in. Wet hair and water are what helps to activate these products, as well as rinse them out. 

Leave-in sprays are good for fighting frizz, adding extra moisture, straightening curls and waves, or protecting against potential damage. Some sprays also add volume, control static, and seal in color. 

How are the Products Different?

Although Living Proof and Pureology’s products work in similar ways, there are a few notable differences between them.

Dry Shampoo

Living Proof’s dry shampoo is safe for chemically-treated hair. Women who perm and color their hair can use the product without worrying about damage or dryness. However, Pureology’s dry shampoo is specifically formulated for color-treated hair and prevents dye from fading. It also contains a UV filter to help keep sunlight from diluting your color.

Regular Shampoo

Living Proof’s regular shampoo is best suited for fine and thin hair, while Pureology’s is ideal for frizzy, wavy, coarse, and color-treated hair. Pureology’s formula protects color from fading and delivers extra hydrating ingredients like Jojoba. Living Proof’s formula aims to add volume.

Leave-In Spray

Some of the same differences exist between Living Proof and Pureology’s leave-in sprays. Living Proof’s spray is formulated for thin, fine hair that needs an extra boost. Pureology’s spray works to preserve color. It also addresses the more common problems of coarse and curly hair, such as frizz, dryness, and split ends.

How are the Products Similar?

Now that we’ve seen how the products from Living Proof and Pureology are different, let’s look at their similarities. 

Dry Shampoo

Both products work to remove oil and odor build-up. The dry shampoos from Living Proof and Pureology leave behind a fresh scent that lasts. Both brands contain formulas that are vegan and not tested on animals. The dry shampoos are free of parabens and sulfates and are safe to use on color-treated hair.

Regular Shampoo

Both shampoos are vegan and not tested on animals. They can be used on hair that’s dyed or treated with color. Neither shampoo contains parabens or sulfates.

Leave-In Sprays

Living Proof’s and Pureology’s leave-in sprays help protect against damage that can happen through styling or being in the environment. The sprays help to prep the hair for styling or correct styling mistakes. Both formulas are vegan, not tested on animals, and are free of parabens and other types of irritants.

Pros and Cons of the Products

The advantages of Living Proof’s products are that they can build lift in hair that has difficulty maintaining volume and safe for chemically-treated hair. The disadvantage of these products is that they may not work well for thick, coarse hair or preserve color. 

Pureology’s products have the leg up when it comes to locking in color and protecting it from fading. However, these products will probably provide too much moisture and conditioning for hair that is not thick, wavy, or coarse.

Final Thoughts: Who is Best Suited for What Product?

If you have thin, fine hair that has trouble maintaining a curl, you should go with Living Proof’s product line. On the other hand, if you have hair that is color-treated, wavy, curly, or thick and coarse, you should use Pureology’s products.    

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