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Olaplex vs Monat – Which One Is Better For Your Hair?

Olaplex vs Monat – Which One Is Better For Your Hair?

You hear a lot of buzz about Olaplex and Monat, and you’re looking for new hair care products. You might have heard good things about both brands, but you’re still unsure which one of them is the right one for you and your hair care needs.

We’ve taken the time to look into some brands from both brands to help you decide which brand best suits your needs. Please continue reading to see what we’ve discovered about both brands and see which one we recommend.

The Contenders

We’ll be matching up two products from Olaplex vs. two products from Monat. The two products from Olaplex are No. 0 and No. 3. For Monat, we’ll be looking at their Advanced Hydrating Shampoo and Advanced Hydrating Conditioner.

Olaplex No. 0

This product is designed to prime hair to soak in the nourishment provided so your hair achieves maximum repair. Hair-care professionals inspired this product with the highest content of patented Opalex technology in any product that you can use at home. Damaged hair will thank you for using this product because it protects your hair’s integrity by strengthening it and rebuilding hair bonds.

Olaplex No. 3

Olaplex No. 3 is the company’s best-seller globally. It’s not your typical conditioner; it’s the second part of a treatment. It works with Olaplex No. 0 to visibly strengthen hair and reduces breakage. As you start to use this product, you’ll experience an improvement in the look and feel of your hair. This product repairs damage and protects the hair structure, which restores hair’s healthy texture and appearance.

Monat Advanced Hydrating Shampoo

This sulfate-free shampoo cleans hair gently while providing hydration. If you want to bring your dull hair back to life, this shampoo promises to restore its shine and refreshes parched hair bringing back its softness and elasticity.

You don’t have to worry that a shampoo that does so much will weigh your hair down. This shampoo is made with a plant-derived silicone alternative that won’t weigh your hair down and makes detangling a breeze with its easy slip.

Monat Advanced Hydrating Conditioner

Monat’s Advanced Hydrating Conditioner is packed with ingredients to provide ultimate hydration. It has a dynamic trio of Patch20, Rejuvenique S, and hyaluronic acid-based technology designed to attract moisture to quench dry, thirsty strands. This combination works alongside ceramides to keep moisture locked in, so your hair is more resilient, shiny, and strong.

How are Olaplex and Monat different?

If you’re wondering what makes these products different, we’ll start with the price. Olaplex’s hair care products are a lot cheaper than Monat’s. The price difference may be because Monat is a direct sales company, so commissions are being paid out to multiple people from the sale of one product, depending on how big the up-line is of the seller you buy from.

How are both brands similar?

While the products compete on price, they offer the same results. Olaplex designs products to rebuild and restore your hair, and Monat’s products provide the same results providing locked-in moisture.

Both products claim to be vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free, something more consumers are demanding from their cosmetic company manufacturers. Each company has its own patented technology to provide healthy hair that no longer shows signs of damage.

Pros and Cons of Olaplex and Monat

Of course, all brands have pros and cons. The key is to uncover what they are for each brand and see if any deal-breakers choose an obvious one. Let’s take a look at the good and bad of each brand so you can make a choice.


From the reviews we’ve read, the processing time for Olaplex is a bit longer than usual. We’re going to assume that this is because seriously damaged hair isn’t a quick fix kind of problem, but we understand why this might not be okay for someone who feels as if they are always short on time.

As far as the pros for this brand, the main one is that it works! If you look at the website, you’ll see rave reviews from customers who have used these products and love the results.


The pros about Monat are that they offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product. You also have to love that this product is sulfate-free and doesn’t contain harmful fragrances or colors.

If you’re wondering about the cons of this brand, one of them can be that it’s a direct sales company, which means the prices are high to support the pay structure of the business. We did see some talk about hair loss lawsuits against this company, so you may want to do your due diligence before buying.

Final Thoughts

If you have seriously damaged hair, whether that’s from neglect or over-processing, we would recommend Opalex’s powerhouse combination of No. 0 and No. 3. Based on what we’ve read, this is a perfect choice if your hair has visible damage, and it feels like it could use an intense repair.

The Monat Advanced Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect for giving you the hydration repair you need without committing too much time to the process. If you find a Monat representative and you want to support her business endeavor, making this purchase can be a win-win for everyone.

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