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The 5 Best Semi-Permanent Red Hair Dye in 2021

The 5 Best Semi-Permanent Red Hair Dye in 2021

Have you ever wanted to dye your hair red — be it a refined, darker shade or a bright fire truck hue? It’s a tempting thought. The only problem is that you might not want or be able to keep that color forever.

If you’re familiar with this struggle, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up our top 5 brands of best semi-permanent red hair dye. These dyes will make a statement, but you will be able to wash them out when you’ve had enough (or when your boss starts complaining).

Keep reading to learn about the 5 best semi-permanent red hair dyes.

Top 5 Best Semi-Permanent Red Hair Dyes

We’ve found five red hair color brands and chosen our top picks from each one. We’ve ranked them from the great to the all-time best.

If you want to venture into the redheaded world without causing too much fuss, Lunar Tides Hair Dye in Blood Moon might be the right choice for you. Its color is bold yet subtle, and it can come out in under 10 washes. Those factors make it ideal for a newbie.

Blood Moon is super affordable, too. If you’re new to hair coloring, you’ll probably want to hold back on spending a ton on dyes. Lunar Tides allows you to experiment with a daring red look without breaking the bank.

On top of all of that, Blood Moon is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. It’s a win all around!

You’ll find that this next pick is a real gem. Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Ruby Red is a brilliant dye without alcohol, ammonia, or peroxide. It’ll leave your hair with a natural shine and feeling velvety smooth. 

This dye is also the cheapest on this list, making it an excellent choice for anyone wanting to test out a jewel-toned red color without paying a steep cost.

Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color will start to wash out after a couple of shampooings. If you’re looking for the best red hair dye that doesn’t fade, you’ll want to look further down this list. However, if you are looking for something you can reverse painlessly, Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color might be your best bet.

Do you want to play with fire without getting burned? Take a look at Punky Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Fire. Punky prides itself on formulating its dyes without any of the following:

  • Ammonia;
  • Gluten;
  • GMOs;
  • Parabens;
  • PPD; or
  • Sulfates.

Fire is also suitable for vegans and cruelty-free. On top of all of that, Punky manufactures its products in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

This color is most striking on platinum-blonde hair, while darker blonde shades will give a slightly more natural look. Punky does not recommend its bright dyes, like Fire, for most shades of brown or black hair.

Punky Semi-Permanent Hair Color is inexpensive. It’s long-lasting, though: it promises to stay in your hair for up to 35 cleanings. This one might be the best red hair dye that doesn’t fade for bleached or light blonde hair.

Are you looking for the best red hair dye that doesn’t fade to a pinkish shade? Give Arctic Fox’s Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Poison a thought.

Don’t worry about the menacing name: Poison isn’t poisonous at all. Arctic Fox formulates its best semi-permanent red hair dye without harsh chemicals. Plus, it’s cruelty-free and 100% vegan. Nobody gets hurt with Poison!

The color will stay in your hair for a while—this dye can go through dozens of washes before it washes out. This choice could be the best semi-permanent red hair dye if you’ve already tested the waters and want to try something longer-lasting. It also stands out brighter on darker hair colors than Punky Semi-Permanent Hair Color, if you’re looking for that quality.

Overall, there are so many reasons to consider Poison!

Manic Panic is one of the big names in red hair color brands. When you take a look at their Pillarbox Red Hair Dye, you’ll understand why.

Let’s start with what’s not in Manic Panic Pillarbox Red Hair Dye. It contains no:

  • Ammonia;
  • Gluten; 
  • Parabens; 
  • Phthalates; 
  • PPD; or,
  • Resorcinol.

The dye is also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, as certified by PETA. 

Pillarbox Red is a lively crimson shade. Manic Panic optimized this dye for light-colored hair, but it will look stunning on anyone. It’s also the best red hair dye that doesn’t fade overall: it will stay in your hair for at least a month to a month and a half. 

Manic Panic Hair Dye in Pillarbox Red is not the least expensive dye on this list, but it’s not badly priced, either. Plus, you’ll find the cost is worth it. It is the best semi-permanent red hair dye on this list.

What to Look for in the Best Semi-Permanent Red Hair Dye

We’ve outlined our top 5 red hair color brands and dyes. However, the one that’s best for you will vary. Keep these factors in mind before buying.

Personal Concerns

Are you vegan or otherwise concerned with animal welfare? Do you have an allergy to a particular chemical? The picks on this list are mostly vegan and low in allergens. Of course, do your research and read the labels before you pick.

Natural Hair Color

A lot of companies formulate their more electrifying red shades for bleached-blonde hair. People with brown or black hair especially should check to see if the brand has swatches of a particular dye on their natural hair. That way, these people can make informed decisions.


All of the products on this list are very affordable (and high quality). Don’t turn your pockets inside out when a low-cost dye will work wonders.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has left you feeling confident in choosing the best semi-permanent red hair dye for you.

With everything we’ve said in mind, go out and pick from one of your favorite red hair color brands!

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